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Shipping Containers in Wigan

Are you looking for a shipping container to improve your storage options in Wigan?

We have an extensive selection of new and used storage shipping containers available.

Storage Container in Wigan

Container Sales in Wigan.

Shipping Containers of Manchester offer shipping containers in two conditions, once-used containers (New-build) and second-hand containers(Storage). Our new shipping containers are made in China and are used to ship goods to the UK.

Used storage containers are generally over ten years old, made from Corten Steel, and painted using high-quality corrosion-resistant marine paint with a lifespan of 30 years or more. Shipping Containers are becoming an increasingly popular storage option.

Our team will provide cost-effective solutions, from cheaper storage containers to brand-new shipping containers.
Reach us by phone on 0330 0130 636 or use our Quote form.

Container Hire in Wigan.

Our container hire service provides an affordable solution to your storage problems. With containers ready for delivery to Wigan, we can provide you with the perfect storage solution.

20ft storage containers are perfect for smaller construction sites, home renovation, and school sports equipment sheds.
40ft Storage containers, our largest container for hire, provide the ideal solution for securely storing large items.

Our storage containers have the following features:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • LockBox
  • Anti-vandal construction
  • Wind and Watertight
  • Easy-opening container doors
  • Flexible container hire terms
  • Hire and delivery with hiab truck
  • No hidden costs
  • Optional container padlock
  • Standard 20' & 40' sizes

storage container wigna

Special Containers Wigan, Greater Manchester

For different container solutions, We have the subsequent special containers available:

  • High Cube Containers
  • Tunnel Containers
  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Open Top Containers
  • Side opening Containers
  • Flat-Rack Containers

Container Transport to Wigan.

We enclose container delivery costs to Wigan within our quotations. When delivering to you, the container truck will operate a special Hiab crane, allowing our driver to place the container in your optimal location.

FAQs about using shipping containers in Wigan

How much is a 20ft Storage Container delivered to Wigan?

The container quote depends on a few elements, such as age and size, and if additional accessories are required, plus the haulage costs to Wigan. We do not publish our prices due to market volatility, but we generally answer all quotes within the hour.

Is buying or leasing a container cheaper in Wigan?

The Storage containers hired to businesses in Wigan are typically new or thoroughly reconditioned. Hiring a storage container is ideal when the customer does not know how long they need it. 

How secure are 20ft shipping containers?

Shipping containers are remarkably secure, probably the most secure option available. All our storage containers have a LockBox installed, free of charge. Giving our customers added security. Lockboxes help prevents thieves from tampering with the container padlocks.

Container with lockbox fitted

Is any maintenance involved with a shipping container?

Shipping containers are manufactured from corten steel and are protected with maritime paint, needing little maintenance. Sometimes lubricating the container door hinges will help ease door openings over time.

Is planning permission required for containers in Wigan?

Shipping containers are considered temporary fixtures as they can be shipped anywhere worldwide. Consequently, they do not need planning permission. Please check with the local planning authority in Wigan if you have any concerns regarding your location.

How are storage containers delivered to Wigan?

All our storage containers are delivered using truck-mounted cranes (hiab) and will offload and position your containers for you.

Container on its way to Wigan

What are the payment options available to you?

We accept Bank transfers (Bacs), Debit Cards, Online Payments, and Cash (some exceptions apply).

Can I purchase my hired container?

Options are available to buy your container; please staff member of staff.

Do you buy back containers in Wigan?

Yes, we can buy containers in Wigan if they meet our requirements. We will offer the present market rates.

Is there a difference between new and used containers?

The new or single-trip containers are made in China, and shipping lines carry cargo from the Far East to the UK. Once empty of its cargo, the shipping container is delivered to our depot. The second-hand or used containers are ex-service shipping line containers that have been retired from their fleet, mainly used as storage units. Our used containers are all good quality and wind and watertight.

Why should I buy a container from Shipping Containers of Manchester?

We get fulfilment from working with our customers; we enjoy the personal and friendly nature of the people in Wigan. We work to build upon our growing reputation in Wigan, gaining a lot of repeat business.

Have you ever returned containers for a refund?

We are always ready to talk about buying back containers. All costs will be subject to the container demand at that time, the state of the container, and transport costs to Wigan.

Can I customise a shipping container?

A traditional container has a fundamental design suitable for various myriad commerce purposes. It can be lined, insulated, and fitted with extra doors, windows, and electric parts.

Are you able to move my container from Wigan to overseas?

We can refer you to shipping agents for exports abroad, but we cannot handle it. When you buy the container, we can offer the standard 3-hour loading time and delivery to a seaport if that is your intention.

Can we move the containers we rent or buy from you in Wigan?

It's unusual. Nevertheless, if possible, please call us if you need to move your container from its present location in Wigan.

Can our storage container be a specific colour of our choice?

We can provide a wide range of colours for both new and pre-owned containers. If the colour you want is unavailable, we can custom-paint your container using a RAL or BS colour scheme.

Storage container in wigan

How soon can you get my container to me in Wigan?

Our delivery times are 3-6 working days, excluding unexpected delays upon cleared funds.

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